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12 July 2007 @ 10:00 am
Boom shaka lack. Boom shaka shaka lacka. Boom. Shika bang bang shika bang bang. Pow pow pow. Crack Skwakel POP! Skwakel, Skwakel, Skwakel BANG! Pady Swack Swack. Pady Swack Swack.  POW! Boom Shaka bang bang POW!

Ok, that was very amusing to me. I apologize for my dorkness. It comes and goes.

So, this is the infamous Brut. Or my actual name, Michelle.  Call me whatever, I respond to many. Shell, Brut, Shellster, Shellinator, Killer, and Bop It. Yes, those are some nicknames that my friends will not cease to stop calling me.  Just don't call me ShellY! I hate that name. 

So YES, I am on my way to Seattle. Lately, I have been trying to figure out school stuff. Transferring, finainces, and such. I am very happy that there is another Art Institute in Seattle. If it wasn't for that, I wouldn't be as excited. My education is very important to me. I love to learn. However, I am THE slowest learner you could ever meet. Like today in my first class of Image Manipulation, we worked in Photoshop. I am so lost in that class. I am going to have, to have someone sit down with me and go through step by step..... I am getting off topic again!

Seattle. I am working on finding another job so I can start saving. I am also working out a garage sale to help raise money also. I am trying to think of ways of how it can be promoted and how it will be run. I am also trying to figure out how to raise money in other ways. I've got some ideas so far. However, at the same time, I feel bad because the other two are the ones doing all the real work.

With school taking up all my time now, it makes it difficult to help. I just realized that I like talking about myself..... I think most people do though. Ok, going back, to class.  *Peace
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12 July 2007 @ 12:12 am
Got the Seattle account set up. Gives me the jitters.
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11 July 2007 @ 02:29 pm
Everything's coming along pretty well, right now. I actually found a book last night, at Joseph Beth's, the Frommer's guide to Seattle 2007. It's pretty amazing, has everything you could ever ask for. In addition to that, it had me laughing at some parts. I've never had a guide book that made me laugh. So, that'll help out a lot. I'm getting two more copies for Kah and Brut.

I think the biggest annoyance we have, right now, is trying to decide which place we're going to be staying at for September. Kah was doing the main work on that, but I think I'm gonna take it over before she has a constant migraine. Other than that, everything's doing fine.

Also! Brut has been added to the community, with posting access, and as a maintainer, so expect to see posts from her.

I did a tally last night, and everyone's in denial, but me. I seriously think that between the three of us, we'll hit a total of at least 50 body modifications. Here's the proof!:

Yours truly:
[currently] 13 piercings, six tattoos.
[queued] One piercing, four tattoos.
[total] 24

[currently] Six piercings, two tattoos.
[queued] One piercing, five tattoos.
[total] 14
[grand total] 38

[currently] nada
[queued] Three tattoos.
[total] 41


And anyone who's ever had anything done knows they're addictive as hell, and she's not going to stop at three tattoos, and not get anything pierced. And the same goes for Brut and I.

So, I definitely think we'll hit 50.

You know, when you hear the blatant number of 19 as the amount of body mods I have, the first reaction is "whoa, freak." But the first thing people always say is "WHERE?" because it's hard to believe I even have that many, because I look so ridiculously normal. It's hilarious. And, actually, with the exception of my two throat piercings, mine are all fairly typical. Just goes to show where assumption gets you, I suppose.
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09 July 2007 @ 10:17 pm
The userinfo has been updated. 

Check it. Try not to split your side open laughing. 

God damnit we're amazing.

...oh, you want an update?

okay okay okay.

Everything is just being planned out, irrating little details being sorted out and what not. We're intiating an idea brut and my bro had about opening up a joint savings account. which i'm backing completely. So off it goes.

It's starting to feel real, like this is really happening. And i just cant wait for that first day in Seattle. 

On that tranquil note, i'm going to end this. Sweet dreams.
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10 July 2007 @ 12:25 am
Brut has officially signed on and is moving to Seattle with us! HURRAH!

More updates later.
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08 July 2007 @ 01:28 pm
I'm pretty happy, I've found that I can just transfer my job to one of the Seattle locations, instead of just having to give it up, which would make me sad.

We got quite a few of the kinks and issues worked out, as far as 'money going where' goes, and payments and such. I still need to put a few ideas into motion, and see how those play out. I don't mean to come off as being secretive, I just want to see what happens before I go bragging about things. You know?

Brut is coming along for the September trip, but we're still planning everything out.

I'll have a clearer idea later today of what's going on.

Oh! I completely forgot. I'm going to be keeping my account Paid, so that way I can update this from my mobile during the actual trips to and from Seattle. I'm determined to update at least once for every state we're in, just to keep things interesting. ;D

Maybe I should talk Kah and Brut into doing the same...
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Okay, two major updates.

First off, we've had a major change in plans. Due to the fact that either Kah and I are completely oblivious, or my mum is just bloody brilliant. I was talking to her today and stressing out about crap, and she interrupts with "...Why don't you two just go stay in Seattle at a motel for a month or so and just do all your apartment shopping locally?" It floored me. I called Kah, and she even contributed the fact that motels have really great deals for month-long stays.

Sooooo... It looks like this is the new plan. We're going to continue racking up a small gold-mine of places via the grand World Wide Web. When we get dead-set on a place, we're going to send Anne to tour and video record it. If we still like it, we're going to Seattle to check it out and scout around while we're at it. If we hate it, we're probably still going up there to scout around. Either way, it makes sense.

Meaning that, one way or another, the month of September is being spent in Seattle.

The second major change is the fact that we found a house.

Yes, a house. And we can afford it.

All for now.
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05 July 2007 @ 10:02 pm
I am a web-design genius. All hail.

In addition to that, I'm so exhausted from all the stuff I did today, and then work. I need to crash, badly.

Buona notte.
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05 July 2007 @ 06:19 pm
Apparently the whole blog was going to come to a stand still until i got my lazy ass to update. well here i am the aforementioned Kah (or Ka, or Danika, or D, or Dk, or Dani, or Danibabe...yeah i have a lot of nicknames.). 

I better warn you now, i'm tremendously sleep deprived and have been working more than any human being should ever really work, so i apologize if i dont exactly make any sense. i am NOT a bumbling moron, swear. 

so uh let's see....basic info. I'm a culinarian through and through, i surf when i have the time, and i write even when i dont have the time. it's been established, that i dont just like girls...i looooove girls.

which leads me to the best part of this Seattle move, it's not for a girl. it's not for someone else. for once in my life i'm doing something soley for me. and i'm loving it.

well since my bro was kind enough to gush about me for a bit, i might as well do the same...we're like fucking puzzle pieces i swear, i dont know what i'd do without this kid. She's my frat bro, my twinner, and the only family i've got. It's love.

so uh, i think thats pretty much it. If i left anything about i'm sure my better looking half will yell at me for it. 

exs and ohs,

p.s. no russain music here. a lot of 90's stuff, and indie bands no ones ever heard of.
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05 July 2007 @ 02:47 pm
Me: I think we should get a pet duck when we move in. And name it Godzilla.
Kah: Oh my god, can we, please?! I think that's the best idea you've ever had.
Me: Oh, thanks!
Kah: You know I love you. You're the most stunningly brilliant person I know.

And, here, I was led to believe that having a pet duck named Godzilla was my best idea ever. God, that would suck.

Brut is seriously giving it some thought. Coming with us, that is. Kah and I both have our fingers crossed.

I don't know if they have them in other states, but, here, we have these magazines called Traders. You can get them for cars, trucks, whatever. I got one for motorcycles today. I'm looking for a good bike to replace my car. Although, technically, I'm pretty much just drooling on the magazine. My whole family does the motorcycle life, so it's just in my blood. I'd love to have a Ducati, but I don't see that happening, and I think anyone who knows what a Ducati is (and how fast they go) would have a heart attack at the idea of me having one. I drive cars like I'm on a time limit. A motorcycle... And a Ducati at that. It'd basically be the same thing as teleportation.

You know something weird? I was doing the online banking thing today. Which I rarely do, because my mum's made me paranoid about that kind of stuff. But anyway, I found $91.68 in an account I'd forgotten about. That's kind of crazy. Kinda like the Seattle Fairy giving me a kick in the ass. It should happen more often.

I'm not updating again until Kah does.


p.s. Her name's Danika, which everyone shortens to Ka. But, because I'm special, I tack an 'H' on the end. Don't ask. It just looks better to me.
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