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Hearts in Seattle
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This is the story of three amazing girls (us!) moving to Seattle together.

Ka - just_breatheca
A force to be reckoned with, yet a work still in progress. Artist, token butch. Has uncanny ability to be eloquent and drink you under the table at the same time. Lover & Fighter. Stereotypical Gemini. Irish kid. Culinary genius. Will strum Sublime on acoustic and down a 40. Beach-bum, slouching, cursing, drives too fast, coffee-addict, sex machine typical Californian. Has lived everywhere but under a rock. Will wind up with either your heart or your underwear. Possibly both.

Brut - nativeamgirl
Appearances deceive... Greatly. Looks innocent, wholesome, and more or less perfect. Has tattoos, wants piercings, is extremely rude to boys, throws hot dogs at police officers, drives like Grand Theft Auto, buys beer from strangers, and will rip into a guitar solo hardcore enough to make your hair stand on end. Graphic Design major, musician, always creating something new: thoughts, ideas, feelings, words, art. Always a surprise.

Kaldera - chattexnoire
Human tsunami; has lived just about everywhere on the East Coast, writer, artist, Psychology major. Wild child, brainiac, fearless. Oxymoron. Catastrophic, yet fun. Italian & Scottish, chaos in a half-breed persona. Eats like a 200 lb man, yet retains good form. Little Miss Model. Surprisingly enough, the 'girly one'. Leaves bite marks. Addicted to body modification. The epitome of "WTF."